There Is No Water


If the washing machine does not get filled with water, then it is an easy problem. But for you, the machine will spin but the clothes will not get cleaned. Usually, the reason may be a blocked hose. So kindly check it is not damaged.

In case of a new washing machine, you will definitely get an error code. Now look at the instruction of the manufacturer to identify the error. In case of an older model, kindly note the instructions given below –

  • If you hear a humming sound, then the problems are related to the hose and taps. Kindly check if the taps at the rear of the machine work or else there is the problem with the hose. If it has become damaged, then it cannot take water. So you have to go for a replacement.
  • In case the hose is perfect, then the problem is with the taps. It has become blocked because of clogging with dirt. If you are a DIY expert, you can clean the tap.
  • The problem may also happen with water valves. The water valves may not get filled with water. A simple problem may be because the filter may need a cleaning job. However, if you are a DIY expert, be careful as many of them can be easily broken.

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