The Door Does Not Open

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Usually, the door of a washing machine will be air-tight. So, you will face difficulty as if trying to open a iron vault without the password. But in case you have water in the appliance, then send it off to another cycle. When the drainage happens, you can open the door. In case the water does not drain, then as explained before, there is a problem with the filter and drainage pipe.

Suppose if there is no water and the door still does not open, then these are the reasons – The door is damaged or there are problems in the switch. There are some versions of brands where the door has been designed to stay locked even after the draining process. The machine will find problems in resetting. The lock will still harbor power. But you can fix the issue when you turn off the power in the mains. Now, after the machine cools down, then the door can be opened.

  • If there is a problem with the design, then the next level is because of a fault in the lock. The handle may get snapped. If you are trying to open the door, be sure to turn off the switch. Or else you may suffer electric shocks.
  • If you have a top load model, then the problem will be with the hinges located at the lid’s rear section. Their composition is plastic and they can easily get worn over time.
  • If you are using the washing machine a lot more, then the heat can play havoc on the locks. And the locks on the door will get damaged. If you find the door too hot to touch after the process, then please note the stage is set for repair.

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