Ripped Clothes

You have bought an expensive cloth. You went to a party, and you got a dark line in the neck part. To clean, you put the cloth in the washing machine and what do you get? The cloth is ripped. So, do not panic. Take rest and check the reason. There may be some items responsible such as buckles, metal findings, metal zips etc. In case, you found the item or the cloth which is the reason for the problem, keep it aside the next time. You can also check the pockets for sharp items such as pocket knives etc.

Now, there can be another reason. You find that the clothes in the process did not have any metal accessories or items. Then, run the hands on the side of a tub. Make use of a torch to locate a dent or an uneven surface. In case of one, then it is mandatory to seek the advice of a hired technician. And please remember, you cannot load another set of clothes unless the problem is solved.

Damage to clothes need not necessarily be a rip, but it can also extend to rust marks. The reason may be because the chips of the machine basket have become rusted.